Thursday, March 19, 2015

Toohig Tidbits

How to make a baked potato2015-02-21 16.10.23Bella Marie’s mama texted me this pic while I was at work and she dropped by school.2015-02-24 12.00.232015-02-24 19.18.40-1Someone did NOT want to go to bed. I literally dragged her up the stairs. That wasn’t very effective because she thought it was HILARIOUS!2015-02-26 19.10.08-12015-02-26 19.36.35Sunday night family cuddle time2015-03-01 19.17.242015-03-01 19.17.56Rebel was a little clingy that night (in HG’s bed).2015-03-01 20.00.13After-school Whimsy Cookie stop. I can’t get used to that new snaggle tooth smile!2015-03-02 15.05.35She was telling me how to play checkers on the floor tiles.2015-03-02 15.28.29I got a new curling wand, and she let me practice on her.2015-03-02 19.22.512015-03-02 19.43.24So I created a curly haired monster. I agreed to curl her hair before school the next day. It looked great until we walked outside into the rainy day, and her curls fell a little bit. She was NOT HAPPY and drew me these before and after pictures to let me know how she felt about it.2015-03-03 08.59.352015-03-03 21.28.252015-03-04 14.54.17Love finding these surprise pics on my phone!2015-03-04 15.36.59Flipping with Daddy2015-03-04 19.19.32

Dinner date with Bubba and some play time at her house afterward

Love this oh-so-typical view of Bubba at her door2015-03-10 19.00.132015-03-10 20.03.34So it took 5.5 years, but HG finally took scissors to her own hair. She got a barrette stuck and decided to cut it out instead of asking for help. Luckily, it was below her ear on her left side, so it’s not terribly noticeable but she was REALLY upset about it.2015-03-06 10.47.05Princess upon princess upon princess upon princess2015-03-09 19.38.56-1One day over Spring Break, Spiffer and GD took HG to the Gross-ology exhibit at the Pink Palace. It lived up to its name, apparently.2015-03-10 15.20.032015-03-11 06.21.37She made this for me, and now it is hanging on my cube wall at work.2015-03-13 11.10.16Sushi family date night2015-03-13 18.46.07

Trying on Cinderella high heels!

First high heels- she won’t stop talking about them!2015-03-13 19.14.40-1HG’s big into texting these days.2015-03-13 20.22.31

IMG_8299Love finding these vignettes around the house.2015-03-14 09.41.19

Love the way she says, “Museum.”

”Mama, you were right”:  One morning she came into my bathroom and said, “Mama, I have something important to say. You were right to tell me not to stand on my plasma car behind the couch.” After I picked my mouth up off the floor, I smartened up and realized I needed that statement on tape. She took a bit of ‘reminding’ but eventually helped me recreate the moment. ww


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