Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Lion King

On a very cold afternoon this past Sunday, we had a great girls’ day at the Orpheum to see The Lion King with the Coats. Beforehand, we chowed down on some pizza at Aldo’s, and the girls had fun playing with pizza dough while Emily and I caught up. Then we headed over to the theatre and found our seats. The girls were enthralled when the actors/animals came down the aisles, and we all loved the show. When they sang “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” HG leaned over to me and excitedly said, “This is what we danced to with the boys at school for Valentine’s!”

After the play ended, we ran to the gift store and restroom, and as we came back through the lobby, Emily noticed one of the lead actors, Scar, walking by, in street clothes but with his face paint on. She stopped him, and we all had a starstruck conversation. So very cool to see him so up close and personal. We had a great day out on the town and enjoying some fun girl time!

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