Sunday, February 1, 2015

Disney World 2015: Day 3 at Hollywood Studios

After our late night on Friday, we were excited that our first thing on Saturday was a 10:15 a.m. brunch at Hollywood & Vine at Hollywood Studios to see all the Disney Jr. characters. It ended up being the perfect time because the restaurant wasn’t very crowded, and the characters had time to sit down with us and play.

While it hadn’t been on my initial ‘hit list’ for Hollywood Studios, the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground made HG really happy. It was a perfect place to let her loose and let her explore, climb, and slide. She would have stayed there all day long if we’d let her.

Toy Story Midway Mania was our first ride, and again, we were thankful to have to Fast Pass since the wait was so long. We all had fun wearing the 3D glasses and shooting the pop up targets. Afterward, we went to two shows- Disney Junior Live and Voyage of the Little Mermaid- and then headed back to the Contemporary for a rest.

For dinner, we ventured down to Chef Mickey in our hotel to see Mickey and his friends. HG never tired of seeing the characters- even those we’d seen before. She *loved* getting them to sign her book, and many of them commented on how much they liked her Ariel pen. We teased Donald about how we wouldn’t tell Daisy how much he liked Ariel, and he strongly shook his finger and head at us. Helen Grace thought that was hilarious!

After dinner, we took the monorail over to the Polynesian Resort to explore a bit. The staff greeted us and gave HG a lei. She thought she was pretty cool with that! We walked out back to the lake where they have a little beach, and HG got to play around in the sand while the Electrical Water Pageant went by. We could hear it much better there than from our room.

We got back to the Contemporary just in time to find what HG’s fairy godmother brought her that night (if HG had a good day and didn’t ask for every toy in sight, her fairy godmother would visit each night and bring her little happies), get in our pajamas, and make our way to the balcony before the Magic Kingdom fireworks went off.

What a perfect and relaxing end to the day!

Riding the bus to Hollywood Studios (the only park we visited that wasn’t on the monorail)2015-01-17 09.04.37Hollywood StudiosCF6C7269CF6C7277CF6C7281Honey I Shrunk the Kids playgroundCF6C7298CF6C7312Brunch at Hollywood & VineCF6C7328We teased Handy Manny that he could use the big pencil behind his ear to sign his autograph. He wrote out this response to us2015-01-17 10.19.522015-01-17 10.34.02

HG’s fairy godmother brought her a Lambie doll the night before, so HG took her to brunch for a check up from Doc McStuffins.CF6C73452015-01-17 10.29.43-1CF6C7367

CF6C73872015-01-17 10.32.49

Back to the playgroundCF6C7393CF6C74032015-01-17 11.20.18Disney Junior Live showCF6C7452CF6C7455Voyage of the Little Mermaid showCF6C7468CF6C7475CF6C7482Chef MickeyCF6C74902015-01-17 19.19.30CF6C7494CF6C74982015-01-17 19.51.40CF6C7500CF6C7510CF6C7526CF6C7528Exploring the Polynesian2015-01-17 21.17.36CF6C7530The fairy godmother came!CF6C7547Wearing her new Tink pjs to watch the fireworksCF6C7557IMG_7406CF6C75742015-01-17 22.12.25-1

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