Monday, January 5, 2015

2014: A Year In Review


First Grizzlies game2014-01-20 16.26.03


LeBonheur GenerosiTEA with school friend2014-02-01 14.33.47Snow!!2014-02-08 10.22.25


Snow Day2014-03-03 09.01.07NYC/ Philadelphia with Spiffer and GD for Spring Break2014-03-13 20.20.43IMG_5566Visit from Aunt Edie & Uncle GeneIMG_5595Second Pres soccer practices begin2014-03-21 16.53.26-2


Double Decker2014-04-26 13.16.14-1EasterCF6C3164First soccer game at Second PresIMG_5742Grandparents’ Day at SAAIMG_5713


BBQ Fest2014-05-14 18.22.04HG’s school fairy birthday partyCF6C3343HG’s family skating birthday partyIMG_5837NOLA trip for William’s graduation (and ER visit for HG)2014-05-16 16.46.422014-05-17 00.28.322014-05-17 10.30.49IMG_20140518_025746571First and last day of JK2014-05-22 07.13.26


SAA cheer camp2014-06-27 10.52.28Swimming lessons2014-06-06 09.58.38Oxford with Bubba2014-06-18 12.03.10Zoo with Harris and Thomas girlsIMG_6006


Serious swimming and fun with Addie and the whole crew at the Browns for 4th of July2014-07-04 12.09.38Blue’s arrivalCF6C4057Selena Kate’s visit2014-07-26 17.55.54Weekend at Sunshine Mountain in upstate New York2014-07-18 15.41.142014-07-19 10.41.572014-07-19 14.46.17


First day of SK2014-08-13 06.57.40First horseback riding lesson2014-08-08 17.58.17-1SAA soccer practices startP1050703Addie’s first trip to the Children’s Museum (and splash pad)CF6C5135


More horseback riding2014-09-26 16.08.45-1SAA soccer games2014-09-20 10.30.31Teddy’s birthday2014-09-21 14.32.09Vegas trip for Sha & John2014-09-13 18.48.52-12014-09-14 19.12.36-1LeBonheur visit due to respiratory virus2014-09-28 18.46.30-1


Boston for Fall Break2014-10-09 14.33.56-12014-10-09 18.41.212014-10-09 20.55.342014-10-10 12.57.412014-10-10 19.56.43-1IMG_0096IMG_0103Lost her first tooth the night before NYC2014-10-15 18.37.29NYC with the Words2014-10-16 15.05.082014-10-17 18.07.152014-10-17 18.42.502014-10-18 10.48.44-12014-10-18 14.33.38 HDR-1Second soccer trophy with SAA-SDS2014-10-04 10.49.18Halloween as the Pirate FairyCF6C5733


A mouse in the Fairy Tale Nutcracker2014-11-22 13.06.46-1First horse showCF6C5828Climbing the falls at the lake house with the Bakers and Blackmans,2014-11-08 16.30.54-1Thanksgiving with Darby2014-11-27 13.03.06


Ho ho ho! Santa at the Schmitts2014-12-20 16.48.00Flower girl ask at Zoo Lights with Christy and Danny2014-12-20 00.40.49Our little angel in SAA-SDS Christmas programcms_file_34750759_medChristmas Eve2014-12-24 12.50.222014-12-24 18.11.34CF6C6279

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