Monday, December 1, 2014

Toohig Tidbits: End of November

“I’ve always wanted to be a big cousin. It’s a big job to be a big cousin.” (after a Darby play date)
She calls Chips Ahoy cookies ‘Cookies Ahoy.’
As we pulled into this year’s first Nutcracker practice at the high school, she asked me, “Am I going to get flowers?!” She obviously loves getting flowers after her recital!
She loves to orchestrate an event and add all the special touches. She had her daddy jumping through hoops one morning to make me breakfast, set the table, play ‘good music,’ etc. She also planned for him to pull me aside, ask me to dance and then ‘propose’ to me- again with ‘good music.’ And after the Nutcracker, she told me how to get just the right photo of her roses- “It’s all about the angle and lighting, Mama.”
After watching the new "Cinderella" trailer 15 times, Helen Grace said, "I don't want to see that movie because the Fairy Godmother shows her boobs."
She saw a picture of a skunk spraying a dog and said, “Well, that is NOT very proper!”
She loves to say, “That must be a talented _____ (skunk, train, etc.).”
“I don’t like people who don’t follow the rules.” (as someone did something wrong in traffic) Speaking of driving, she loves to read me the speed limit sign and then ask me how fast I’m driving. It’s like driving with a backseat police officer.
“Don’t think I’m crazy, but this is really going to work!!!”
“I love to bake cookies, especially with Bubba!”
Reading Rapunzel Can to Mama at bedtime
Casual spirit day at school- doesn’t she look like such a big girl?!2014-11-14 07.11.55They do tolerate each other sometimes. But I think Rebel was just waiting for Blue to give up the coveted spot in the sink.2014-11-07 05.12.49Fun night out on the Oxford Square for Whitney’s brother’s wedding2014-11-15 19.11.25Lots of Delta Gammas, of course!2014-11-30 19.01.46Blue’s favorite new spot2014-11-17 06.34.46On November 17th, we got our first dusting of snow. HG headed outside as soon as she had clothes on her body.2014-11-17 06.59.242014-11-17 07.01.532014-11-17 07.02.012014-11-17 07.07.33And within a few days, it was fall again, and HG was running around with short sleeves on- and being such a big helper with Granddaddy.2014-11-20 16.00.01-1Friday night camp out in the den2014-11-21 16.51.49-12014-11-22 09.39.212014-11-22 10.15.24This piece of artwork has been hanging in our kitchen for a long time, but HG felt the need to add Mama, Daddy, herself, and a possible future baby or sister…2014-11-22 10.17.55This cat is certifiably crazy.2014-11-23 11.29.252014-11-24 14.58.202014-11-24 14.58.332014-11-24 14.58.442014-11-24 14.58.552014-11-24 15.00.342014-11-25 15.00.542014-11-25 06.27.34
I’m still not quite sure where this came from, but one morning before school, she started reciting this pledge. She called it the Boy Scouts’ pledge, but I’m not quite sure that’s it either…? I’m impressed, regardless!

Her daddy and I love this finger wag she does when she doesn’t like what you have to say- in this case, a N-A-P!

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