Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2nd Annual Girls’ Lake House Trip

We had so much fun on our girls’ trip to Cherokee Village, Arkansas, that we had to make it an annual event (and luckily in the same awesome lake house). We miss the Blackman girls being in Memphis so much and enjoy having a weekend to pretend that they don’t live so far away. The weather was a good 30 degrees warmer this year and the foliage was beautiful, so we loved getting to explore the yard, Thunderbird Lake, waterfall, and playground this year. Already looking forward to what adventures next year will bring!

2014-11-07 13.29.52Camille and HG were so excited about the view that they had to take their coloring out there to soak it all in.2014-11-07 17.24.322014-11-07 17.36.25-1Who knew air hockey was so much fun?!2014-11-07 20.49.39Sunrise on Saturday2014-11-08 07.17.122014-11-08 09.38.152014-11-08 11.18.392014-11-08 12.36.042014-11-08 12.37.302014-11-08 12.38.022014-11-08 12.38.142014-11-08 12.48.13-12014-11-08 13.05.422014-11-08 13.16.132014-11-08 13.23.312014-11-08 15.08.48This pretty much sums them up.2014-11-08 15.09.58 “Mama, take my picture!”2014-11-08 15.11.51SO EXCITED about the waterfall2014-11-08 15.55.552014-11-08 16.04.092014-11-08 16.30.24We made it to the top!2014-11-08 16.30.54-12014-11-08 16.32.352014-11-08 16.06.39Sunset on Saturday- notice HG in pink on the left side2014-11-08 17.09.35

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