Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fun, Fall Friday: Pumpkins & Zoo Boo

Spiffer had made our house look all festive with lots of pumpkins, but we needed one more big one to carve. After school on Friday afternoon, HG and I stopped by the pumpkin patch at the church next to school. She took her time to handpick just the right one- and then insisted on carrying it to check out. Thankfully, a sweet old man with a wheelbarrow convinced her that he should help her.

Later, we met John for a quick Chick-fil-A dinner and then headed to one of our favorite events of the year, Zoo Boo! HG is the Tinker Bell Pirate Fairy for Halloween (complete with a sword), and she had a blast running from candy stations to the corn maze to the ‘tricky trail’ (she has no fear at all) to the dance party to the camel ride and other kids’ rides. She just charged through it until at one point, she said, “I’m ready to go. Now.” We busted a move to the exit because when she admits she’s tired, she’s about to melt. The weather couldn’t have been better- perfect with a light sweater- although a bit humid (as you can tell from our hair). Happy that fall is here!

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