Sunday, September 7, 2014

Our New Friday Routine: Riding & Soccer

Friday afternoons are B-U-S-Y. We leave school at 2:45 and book it to the stables in Germantown for time with Ms. Jody and Beanie Baby at 3:30, and then we RUSH back to school for soccer practice at 5:00. At the end of practice, they scrimmaged a bit, and HG really got in there and kicked the ball well. She was quicker in her drills too. (She has a tendency to want to be perfect and go slow to get it just right, but she’s improving a lot with speed and precision.) She was exhausted by the end of it all, but she swears she loves both sports and wants to keep doing them.

Since Spiffer was sick on her birthday on Thursday, we celebrated with dinner at Old Venice on Friday night. HG was a trooper but was wilting by dessert. Surprisingly, she made it home awake but was soon snoozing in Mama’s bed.

She insisted on getting a workout shirt just like Mama.2014-09-05 17.05.20 2014-09-05 17.35.02 2014-09-05 17.35.15-1 2014-09-05 17.35.23 2014-09-05 17.35.25

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