Sunday, August 10, 2014

Toohig Tidbits

When HG gets to pure exhaustion status, she starts talking about how much she misses GG. “GG status” can be pretty epic!

“Well, GALL-LEE!” (in her best Mississippi accent)

“I’m bored of being a child.”

“That dress doesn’t have enough fashion in it.”

GD found a paper dollar bill in a new wallet. Spiffer and I were looking at it and said it was fake. HG piped up with, “That’s counterfeit.” She said she learned that word from Scooby Doo.

“I know my guardian angel is GG.”

HG and Spiffer were cleaning up an entire bag of Skittles that had fallen on the floor. HG says, “Now that’s the way to sweep a girl off her feet!” (from Sophia the First)

Also when playing with Spiffer, HG pretended to be allergic like Grandma. “Look, I’m coming down with goosebumps!”

A ring pop makes a day at the pool even sweeter!2014-08-03 12.04.10 

2014-08-03 15.00.25 2014-08-03 18.24.01  Well, this bath didn’t go quite as expected…Blue fell in!2014-08-05 18.23.57 2014-08-05 18.24.14 2014-08-05 18.28.48Fort fun2014-08-07 19.50.12 Cat yoga pose???2014-08-07 20.33.32 Proof that they actually sat side by side in peace for a few minutes2014-08-08 00.31.36 Kitties enjoyed the fort too2014-08-08 16.04.052014-08-09 14.45.40 On Saturday, the Browns hosted a DeSoto United soccer team reunion pool party. HG had a big time with the other kids in the pool, and she was so enamored with the boys playing cornhole.2014-08-09 16.13.33 She also mastered the back flip in the pool.

Afterward, she learned how to help GD clear the plug in the new disposal. (She said, “Granddaddy fixes everything!”) What a big helper, although a little dangerous with a hammer!2014-08-09 18.15.12

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