Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Third Ride

This past Friday was HG’s third riding class, and she was ecstatic to show Spiffer and Granddaddy what all she loved about it. She dragged them around the barn saying, “Look!” She learned how to do an emergency dismount, jumping off the horse while it’s moving (see the end of the video), and also did more bareback practice for balance control. She’s still madly in love!

Fall soccer at SAA has begun, and unfortunately, practices fall right after horseback riding on Friday afternoon. I guess a benefit of that timing is that no one notices our barn scent in the 95+ degree temps, right? She was quite a trooper, and we met Daddy for Chick-fil-A after practice to celebrate. She sure earned that ice cream cone, and she’s still very much interested in pursuing both of these hobbies (and dance too) so we’ll do what we can to keep up with her!

2014-08-22 15.39.54 2014-08-22 15.42.41 2014-08-22 19.33.14 

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