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Helen Grace as a Five Year Old

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Helen Grace at FIVE 

A little over 45 inches tall (around 3’9’’) and weighs 44-45 pounds. Her head is over the counter now. No more hiding things!

Wears a size 11 shoe and usually a size 6 in clothes. I’ve quit buying her pants or shorts because she will only wear dresses.

Thank goodness, she hasn’t lost any teeth yet. I’m dreading that day already.

Can’t keep a secret to save her life. Will *immediately* spill it.

Reminds us/others of our rules. For better, as she reminds us that she has to stay within sight of her parents, or for worse, as she tells her friends how they are misbehaving. I love hearing how things stick in her head even when I don’t remember our making a big deal over it.

Has a great sense of humor and timing. She’ll finish our sentences or pauses in the most hilarious ways. Still not great at creating her own jokes though (and gets mad when we don’t think it’s so funny).

I can’t remember the last time she got a spanking or had a time out. The ‘tude has been curbed substantially, and stern look or a quick count to 3 will usually straighten her right up. I’ve also recently learned that if I mock her attitude or whine back at her, she cracks up laughing and snaps out of it immediately. Wish I had figured that out years ago!

Loves soccer, dance, and gymnastics and wants to try cheer camp at school this summer. Much more coordinated with better motor skills. A few examples:  hula hoop, roller skates, and Just Dance video game. She asked to take her training wheels off her bike, tried it once or twice, and wanted them back on. She loves going down the hill on our driveway on her bike (with training wheels) and riding it around the neighborhood with us.

Loves her grandparents and is just at home at their houses as she is at home. When we are at their houses with her, she looks at us like, ‘When are you leaving??’

Very independent at some things (dressing herself, brushing her teeth, getting out the car, turning in her free toy for ice cream at CFA by herself), but she still is very clingy in other ways- she’s insistent that I walk her into school every morning, can be shy at parties when we first arrive, etc.

Wants a puppy in a BAD way. Or a kitty. Or a guinea pig. Or a hamster. Or a fish. The list goes on and on. Every. Day.

Has entered the world of sleepovers- she’s still working on being a hostess and doing what her guest wants to do, but she’s improving and maturing. I heard her parrot that lesson out loud to Sallie Key the other day as they played what SK wanted to play.

Happy to be a St. Agnes Star and loves school- going to school, pretending to play school with Spiffer, showing people around her school, etc.

Regularly asks for sushi- eats up edamame, pot stickers, shrimp, crab, sushi, etc.

Baby Addison is still Baby Addison, even though she’s really not a baby anymore.

Loves sitting at the kitchen table eating her Fruit Loops for breakfast and having picnic dinners on the back patio.

Asks to go to the pool and seems much more interested in the water this year.

Big into headbands (and other hair do’s) and her cowGIRL boots. (Don’t dare call them cowBOY boots.) Very opinionated about her clothes and hair.

Lovey is still a constant sidekick, although she will often hand him to me to put in my purse. We’ve endured our first night without him when he was left at school, so I think she’s more worried about losing him now. If she gets hurt or is tired, Lovey is the first thing she asks for.

Can ‘cheese’ and pose for a pic in a split second. The girl’s never had her picture taken. I can’t imagine how she’s so good at it.

Sleeps in her own bed all night on a consistent basis. She’s grown out of walking downstairs once a night, and she sleeps in mama’s bed on Friday nights to quell the nightly fights (which has been very successful). I still lay down with her until she goes to sleep, but that’s more because I like doing it.

Drinks enough milk for us to discuss getting a dairy cow. Likes apple and grape juice and loves sweet tea. Has been asking for water more often lately. Hates anything carbonated (thank goodness), and every time I drink a coke, she tells me how bad it is for me.

If you ask her what she wants to do that day, she’s tell you ice skating or the zoo (obviously).

Can count to 100 by 10s and notices her sight words in closed captioning or on signs. (She really hates to practice her sight words for us with flash cards or games, but she likes to show her teacher what she knows.) She can sing most every Disney movie song, and she can pick up on a  Taylor Swift or Katie Perry song in a heartbeat and start singing along.

Still more of a mama’s girl than daddy’s girl.

Still needs a nap every once in a while. Not every day (never at school), but there are times she can barely hold her head up by 3:00.

An interview with the five year old:

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A teacher a few days a week, a doctor a few days a week, and a mommy all the time

Favorite color?  Pink, purple, red, green

Favorite food?  Corn

Favorite princess?  Ariel

Favorite toy?  Lovey

Favorite city?  NYC

Favorite animal?  Hippopotamus

Favorite movie?  Ariel

Favorite tv show?  Berenstain Bears (random but probably because it was on tv at the time of interview)

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