Monday, May 26, 2014

NOLA: William’s Graduation

The weekend before Helen Grace’s birthday, we took a family road trip to New Orleans for William’s graduation from grad school. Jeanne and Peg hadn’t been to New Orleans before, so HG had a good time showing them around. We stayed at Hotel Monteleone, where it’s said that the French Quarter begins in its lobby.

In a short weekend, we squeezed in a ton of New Orleans must-do’s- rooftop pina coladas, beignets at Cafe Du Monde, a visit to the Mississippi River, a carriage ride, brunch at the Court of Two Sisters, drinks at the Carousel Bar,  mass at St. Louis Cathedral, a drive by of Archie’s house, and unfortunately, a visit to the Children’s Hospital ER.

Helen Grace’s nose was running terribly on Friday, the coughing started Friday night/ Saturday morning, she started getting puny on Saturday, and the wheeze set in on Saturday evening. I had her inhaler with us, but I didn’t think to bring her nebulizer with us. By 2 a.m., she needed a breathing treatment and steroids desperately, so off we went. We were very impressed with the ER and the staff, and by daylight, we were back in bed with a much happier little girl.

We enjoyed getting to celebrate William and his graduation, and we are so proud of all that he’s accomplished!

Checking in for Moore and Toohig, please!2014-05-16 15.22.17We have arrived…ah!2014-05-16 16.02.21Off to explore2014-05-16 16.29.05P1050250Tipping HG’s first zydeco band. She was so impressed with all the noises they were making. IMG_20140516_170055768At William’s ‘wave goodbye’ party on Tulane’s campus   2014-05-16 18.52.53 The trees, fences, wires, etc. all looked like Mardi Gras was yesterday.P1050254 2014-05-16 20.00.35 Celebratory drinks at the Carousel Bar in our hotel2014-05-17 00.25.26 2014-05-17 00.28.32-1 2014-05-17 09.00.02 Love it!!2014-05-17 09.10.29 2014-05-17 09.10.38 Starting to get puny2014-05-17 09.51.41 2014-05-17 09.54.05 IMG_5802 IMG_5803IMG_5804 But that didn’t stop her from enjoying some of that prized powdered sugar!2014-05-17 14.00.27 Taken by HG2014-05-17 10.23.51 2014-05-17 10.25.56 2014-05-17 10.30.17 Dipping their toes in the MS River2014-05-17 10.30.49P1050266 2014-05-17 11.04.28 2014-05-17 11.24.52 Brunch at the Court of Two Sisters2014-05-17 12.26.05THE GRADUATE (who is now blind from my flash) P1050279IMG_5825 The ER had great entertainment for the kiddos2014-05-18 04.11.07IMG_20140518_025746571 “Ok, I’m ready to GO!”2014-05-18 04.07.19

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