Monday, May 26, 2014

Last Day of JK

Thursday, May 22nd, marked the end of JK and the start of the summer. We couldn’t have asked for a better year or better teachers, and HG has thrived. She is certainly excited for summer but says she’s a little sad to not see her teachers and friends at school. Her teachers sent home some artwork and journals that she’s worked on during the year, and it’s amazing to see how her motor skills have progressed over time.

First and last day of JK (Hooray for a casual day, and I even gave up the tennis shoe fight for once!!)2014-05-22 07.13.26 She’s literally grown two inches this school year!2014-05-26 16.19.06Mrs. Blaizel2014-05-20 08.08.42Mrs. Gossett  2014-05-20 08.10.11September 20132014-05-26 16.17.482014-05-26 16.19.31 November 20132014-05-26 16.18.20 February 2014: “Bubba”2014-05-22 20.44.35April 20142014-05-22 20.31.492014-05-22 20.46.47 May 20142014-05-22 20.42.17What a difference from her self portrait in September! 2014-05-26 16.19.48

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