Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dinner Date with Darby

On Saturday night, we met Ryves, Mary Chris, and Darby Dabbs for a long overdue dinner date at Old Venice. Darby wasn’t nearly as excited to see us as we were to see her because she kept nodding off. Helen Grace did her best to keep her awake but wasn’t always successful. Now that she’s over the two month milestone, she was so alert and attentive, and HG was into her every move. Watching these sweet girl cousins grow up together is going to be FUN!

2014-01-25 19.11.29 2014-01-25 19.15.40 2014-01-25 19.32.29

Wednesday Girls’ Date

Last Wednesday was a special girl-bonding day. After my moms’ Bible study, I met Spiffer for lunch at Old Venice. We very rarely have a whole meal to ourselves, and we just talked and talked, barely stopping to catch a breath! We did a little shopping before it was time to pick up Helen Grace from school. Luckily, we didn’t have much time, or we’d have gotten in trouble. Spiffer then rode with me to SAA, and HG asked to go to the bookstore to play for a bit before dance.

We followed around behind HG as she asked for every. single. stuffed. animal in the store, and I continually told her that I’d buy her any book or smart toy/game that she wanted. She finally got the hint and then started asking, “Is this a ‘learning math’ toy?” Not sure where she got that term, but she’s continued to use it. At least she finally got the point!

After she selected her ‘learning math’ toy, a dinosaur egg excavation kit, we had a seat in the cafe and enjoyed sharing a late afternoon snack. Then, we had to bust a move to dance class, but what a sweet and fun girls’ afternoon!

This is how we roll…at 7:00 a.m…2014-01-22 07.11.57 Snacking at Bronte2014-01-22 15.01.27-22014-01-22 15.04.04Working on her ‘learning math’ project2014-01-22 17.37.12

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Toohig Tidbits

“On the fourth day of Christmas, my Grandma brought to me four dove-n eggs and a pear in a pear tree!”

“We went wild at recess! Like a monkey that wants an extra banana so bad!”

She often requests that we turn off all the lights in the bathroom, turn on the light in the bathtub that flashes different colors, crank up the music, and have a disco party!

She saw a picture of John as a baby at Grandma’s house. She told Grandma, “That makes me sad. He was such a cute baby. Too bad he had to grow up!”

She was playing at Spiffer’s house, and she picked up a cross and handed it to her, saying, “To you. From the house of the Lord.”

Her Southern accent continues with words like ‘tore-nay-duh’ and ‘pill-ah’ and ‘mir-ah.’ Making her Yankee daddy proud- not!

Violet Day at schoolviolet dayWhite Day at school2014-01-17 07.39.58 Family dinner night this weekend2014-01-18 18.47.09 And we came home and HG surprised with a foot rub from her and Daddy. Totally her idea. WOW! (I think she just enjoys making a mess with the lotion, but hey, I’ll take it.)2014-01-18 20.07.26

HG is constantly making up new songs. This is just a quick sample of her creativity.

Grizzlies’ Game

On Monday, Martin Luther King Day, John was given tickets to the Grizzlies’ game against the New Orleans Pelicans, and we were able to treat Peg and Jeanne to their first Grizz game! The game started at 4:00, so it was perfect for Helen Grace since we were home by 7:30. She did better with the fire and loud noises at the beginning of the game (since we were able to warn/prepare her), and she enjoyed having the empty suite to run around in when she got a little bored. She probably had the best time cheering, “Go Grizz!!!!,” with her daddy and then throwing things away for all of us. It’s the little things!

2014-01-20 16.26.03 2014-01-20 18.26.26

Mermaids & Rock Stars

Helen Grace spent the weekend in costume, and she loved every minute of it. First, we celebrated Daily’s 6th birthday ‘under the sea’ with a mermaid party, and then we rang in Haney’s 6th birthday with a rock star dance party.

My beautiful and happy little mermaid. She wore this thing for hours. I had to beg her not to wear it out to dinner that night.2014-01-18 15.31.20-1I somehow managed to leave the party with a pic of HG and Remle but not one of Daily. Probably because HG and Remle spent at least 30 minutes running around the church’s back halls playing tag while Daily was behaving like a princess and entertaining her guests. :)2014-01-18 17.03.17 HG and Haney as rock stars2014-01-19 14.28.29 Mallory even got in on the action. These two were dangerous dance partners!2014-01-19 15.13.16 2014-01-19 15.13.22

Most of the girls at the party went to school with Haney, so it took a while for HG to warm up. But once she did, man, she didn’t stop dancing!

Friday, January 17, 2014


We seem to have a common theme for the first part of January…sleepy pics. I promise we are busy with lots of fun things, although it doesn’t look like it from this post! I can’t help that my people are photogenic when they are asleep/sleepy.

Is there room for Mama in her bed?2014-01-11 22.16.53Rebel is a great guard cat. If he’s not on the top of her chair, he’s on her pillow.2014-01-13 19.09.34 I was out late one night this week for a DG alum meeting, and when I got home and went up to give her a kiss, this is the angel that I found in her bed. Had to run for the camera!CF6C3030 CF6C3035She has fallen in love with the fleece pajama pants that Hayes and Hastings gave her for Christmas. She usually won’t wear any pants that aren’t tight to her legs (not even skinny jeans), but when she was cold the other night after dance and before bath, she put these on and I had to fight her to get them off. Cozy!2014-01-15 18.04.37

Ice Skating with Sallie Key

Last weekend, we hit the ice with our friends, Ginna and Sallie Key. I am so lucky to have such a good friend in a coworker/neighbor who also happens to have a little girl 8 months older than Helen Grace.

The girls were so excited to ice skate as it was Sallie Key’s first time. I think HG was brazened by that and decided she wasn’t going to use a walker to skate. Before we started, she was really cute as she showed SK how to get up when she fell, how to use the walker, etc. She did really well on the ice, although we moved at the speed of a snail. She fell a time or two but didn’t complain a bit. She did wear out kind of quickly and requested a trip to the snack bar, in which we were happy to oblige.

They both took to the ice so well that we teased them that we may see them in the Olympics one day! We might have to have an Olympic ice skating watch party to educate them because they both looked at us like they had no idea what we were talking about. We have a lot of teaching to do!

2014-01-12 13.56.36 2014-01-12 14.05.56 2014-01-12 14.13.17 2014-01-12 14.49.16 2014-01-12 15.12.19 

Tiny Dancers

“I’m H-A-P-P-Y!”

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Toohig Tidbits

We started off the year right with lunch at McAlister’s with the Browns…2014-01-01 12.46.57 …and then ended the first day of the year with a family cuddle on the couch. Perfect.2014-01-01 18.55.54-22014-01-01 23.05.34 2014-01-01 23.05.51 Celebrating Libby’s fourth birthday with a pixie party2014-01-04 10.06.17 Caroline too!2014-01-04 10.19.41 And Camille- fairy overload!2014-01-04 10.26.27Apparently packing up Christmas decorations is not as much fun as putting them out. As I worked, “Mommy, can you bend down a little so that I can see the tv?”2014-01-04 16.08.26 She helped me write a label on some of the ornament boxes.2014-01-04 16.27.34 After four years, I am finally letting go and updating my mouse pad at work. What a difference!2014-01-06 08.30.26-1 After-school cupcake2014-01-08 14.26.22-2 When Daddy’s out of town, Mama’s bed gets a little crowded.2014-01-08 19.35.34-2 Can’t stop taking sleeping baby girl pictures2014-01-09 21.44.32 After school on Friday, we met Camille (and Jen) at the Pink Palace for an IMAX show about dolphins. We all loved it. IMAXWe had a big day on Saturday. Grace Ann, Suzanne, and Gloria were in town, so we played with them at Spiffer’s and then met the Hasseltines for lunch at El Porton, followed by some TCBY. On the way home, she passed out in the car, so I just hung out in the car in the garage with her once we arrived home. She stirred at one point, fussed a bit, and slid out of her seat. This is how she landed and continued to sleep for 20 mins!2014-01-11 16.57.27 Dinner with Grandma and Peggy at Zaxby’s. She loves this perch and is really into these finger lasers we found this week.2014-01-11 18.53.56 2014-01-11 18.54.27-1

Over new year’s week, Granddaddy and Spiffer took her to SkyZone. I had hoped one of them would make an appearance on this video, but no such luck. :)

Granddaddy videoed this puppet show of Spiffer and Helen Grace. Long but hilarious!

Our little acrobat loves to flip with Granddaddy.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013: A Year In Review

January: First time to bowl. bowling

February: First drawing of people. First trip to the Orpheum (with Spiffer and Grandma to see Mary Poppins). Back to the Orpheum to see Clifford with MOTs friends.first person drawing IMG_2588

March: First trip to Santa Monica/LA and Disneyland (although with the flu) and first time in Pacific Ocean. First taxi ride (from LAX to Shutters on the Beach). First Grizzlies game.first taxi ride CF6C7372 CF6C7469 CF6C7576grizzlies1

April: First big face paint (butterfly at Ann Maxwell’s party).  Spring program at Maples.IMG_3900 CF6C8251

May: Spring dance recital. Great trip to Orange Beach. Fourth birthday at Cedar Hill Farm. BBQ Fest and circus.CF6C8819 CF6C8930 CF6C8671 iPhone 20130508 1314x CF6C9137 CF6C9290 photo 1 IMG_4068first & last day at maples

June: First purchase with her own money (Gracie Bleu). First trip to NYC. First fireworks (Cedar Hill Farm) and sparklers (in our driveway). First rainbow (outside Sweet Peppers). first purchase- GB IMG_4185 IMG_4190 IMG_4209 IMG_4217 2013-06-29 21.15.57 CF6C0181

July: First solo friend date without Mama (with neighbors, Mariella and Addy, to see Sound of Music at the Orpheum). First Jerry’s sno cone.hr_0715_814_923__0715814923008[2] jerrys3

August: First nose bleed (in the bathtub, luckily). First soccer practice and first game. Started school at St. hug 2013-08-16 11.39.23

September: First show and tell (favorite book- Mother for Choco). Disney on Ice with Sallie Key and Ann Maxwell. First trip to the surprise box at school (little golden teddy bear). Really writing her name better.2013-09-21 14.27.58 2013-10-03 15.07.032013-09-02 09.12.55

October: First trip to Chicago where she had her first boat ride. First soccer picture. First jack o’ lantern and Tinker Bell again for Halloween. IMG_4907 scan20131003002jack o'lantern IMG_4963 CF6C2037

November: Baby Darby was born!!!! First time over the Mississippi River and first time to Arkansas (lake house with Blackmans and Bakers). BIG show-and-tell hit with ladybugs from Teddy’s house.2013-11-18 15.50.06-12013-11-22 20.46.112013-11-12 07.10.17

December: Nutcracker (Alice and Wonderland). First Alpine Village, which included a great (and surprising) visit with Santa. Opryland with all her people. NYC again, including her first first class seat and first subway ride.Baby_girl_smile Nutcracker0009IMG_5145 IMG_5163IMG_5249 2013-12-16 10.48.41-1 IMG_5257 IMG_5268 IMG_5316 IMG_5319 Santa- Macy's