Saturday, December 28, 2013

Elf on the Shelf

Helen Grace has eagerly awaited Elf on the Shelf’s newest hiding spot each morning during the holiday season. She usually insists that I take a pic, so I thought I’d share some of her favorites here for posterity’s sake (and so that Elf can remember for next year).

Note to self for future reference:  Remember that Santa shared with you the secret recipe for the magic spray to ensure Elf on the Shelf keeps his magic after Daddy touched him. All you would share with HG was that it had sugar and sparkles in it. Santa made you keep the rest top secret.

2013-12-10 05.57.39 2013-12-12 05.46.52 Elf was waiting on HG as soon as she got home from NYC. I wish that I would have videoed her reaction when she saw him. She was jumping up and down, screaming and cackling!20131216_094125 Too much candy gives you a tummy ache.2013-12-21 23.38.16 2013-12-21 23.42.142013-12-23 07.12.01

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