Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ladybug Show & Tell

Helen Grace has been waiting a whole month for her next show and tell. The big day was last Tuesday. Up until the ladybug discovery at Grandma/Teddy’s house, she was set on taking her Halloween Hello Kitty, but she was on *fire* about the ladybugs! We looked up a ton of info about them online and even watched a neat YouTube video to help her learn more.

On Tuesday morning, she asked me to take a pic of her with her special friends- so cute! I also emailed the video to her teachers in case she needed help with her facts, and they ended up showing the video to the class.

Both teachers emailed me to say that she did a GREAT job during her show and tell and that the kids asked a ton of questions and loved it all. She was happy that she was able to carry her box around to each friend rather than just stand at the front of the group. And she also said she loves show and tell because she gets to talk in front of her class. {Is this the same child that used to be shy???}

Her ladybugs were a huge success! Now what are we going to do next month?!

2013-11-12 07.10.17 Giving Spiffer, GD, and I the debrief

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