Monday, November 25, 2013

Arkansas Lake House Adventure

This past weekend, Helen Grace and I escaped reality and headed to a lake house in Cherokee Village (near Hardy, AR) for a weekend visit with our friends, the Blackmans and Bakers.

Amy and Emsley moved to Fayetteville a few months ago, and we’ve been missing them. Jennifer, Camille, HG, and I decided to meet them halfway for a girls’ weekend, and by a stroke of luck, we all had this past weekend free.

After school on Friday, HG and I headed west. This was her first time to cross the Mississippi River and her first time in Arkansas. She thought both of those firsts were pretty cool! I also wish that I had a quarter for every time she said (and continues to say) ‘lake house.’ I’m sure her teachers today were tired of it. Maybe she’s going to be a lake kind of girl!

We picked up the Bakers in Jonesboro at Jen’s parents’ house, and after a small run-in with a deer and my car (luckily, no car damage- not sure I can say the same about the doe), we met the Blackmans at our lake house. After a quick Mexican dinner and WalMart trip, we came home to get in our pjs, and we pretty much stayed that way all weekend- woohoo!

On Saturday, we did get dressed once to go into Hardy to visit Hardy Pottery and a cute old-timey ice cream place. And then we came right back home! The girls had a great time running around in princess costumes, playing in their castle tent and with Barbies, having pillow fights, and decorating Christmas cookies. And the mamas got to sit around sipping coffee, Coke Zero, and wine, and having great catch-up conversations on life from the past few months. It was just what we all needed!

Our house was great- two stories with two living rooms- with an AMAZING view of the lake.IMG_5016 IMG_5015 We saw some beautiful sunsets…IMG_5026 …and sunrises too. We DID have three four year olds with us!IMG_5036

Dinner on Friday night- HG, Camille, Emsley2013-11-22 19.04.45 Enjoying our WalMart trip2013-11-22 19.51.48Our little princesses 2013-11-22 20.46.11 It was literally freezing outside, so this beautiful view was about as close to nature as we got.2013-11-23 07.22.43 Playing with magnetic princesses2013-11-23 08.33.20 Designing crowns2013-11-23 10.52.39 In town at HardyIMG_5018 Emsley and Camille cut out the sugar cookies while HG was in bed napping and refusing to wake up for cookies.IMG_5019 She woke up just in time to see the beautiful sunset!2013-11-23 17.04.40 2013-11-23 17.04.55 Why is it so fun to stand directly in front of the tv???IMG_5027 Pillow fight!!IMG_50282013-11-23 17.45.58 And time to decorate those cookies. A pinch of sprinkles for the cookie; a pinch for her mouth.2013-11-23 18.50.13IMG_5035Love this pic. IMG_5033 Breakfast with princesses of all kinds2013-11-24 07.54.06 More pillow fights (At this point, Emsley was begging out because HG and C were playing too rough. HG is used to playing with her daddy and their Toohig noggins!)2013-11-24 08.10.31 And more princesses (are you noticing a theme here??)2013-11-24 08.33.28 2013-11-24 10.15.12 2013-11-24 10.22.06

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