Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HGT’s First Jack-o-lantern

Growing up, Halloween wasn’t complete until my parents and I spread out the newspaper in the garage and carved a jack-o-lantern. It was such a fun part of the holiday traditions.

Carving pumpkins with John holds a very special place in my heart as well. When we first started dating in 2002, he begrudgingly carved a pumpkin for me on one of our first dates.

I was really excited to add Helen Grace to our family jack-o-lantern memories, and Friday night was the night. She and I had hunted high and low for just the right pumpkin (HG took this VERY seriously) and then found a nifty carving set with patterns and tools (which John took very seriously).

It took some negotiating skills to convince HG that we weren’t going to carve a princess since that’s the design she ‘drew’ out for us. We somehow convinced her that we’d use the ghost pattern from the set, and she could put one of her tiaras on top to make it a ghost princess. She was happy with that compromise. (In true four year old fashion, she had completely forgotten this need/demand by the time we started carving!)

When it came down to carving time, HG was suddenly scared of the goo inside, and it took a lot of work to convince her it wasn’t ‘disgusting.’ Once she finally got her hand in there, she was addicted and dove in up to her elbows to get to those seeds! She was so proud of them that she had to take them in a Ziploc to school on Monday to show her teachers. I think we created a monster.

Not too sure about thisCF6C1700CF6C1720 Got some seedsCF6C1724 AH! This is kinda cool!CF6C1726 CF6C1727 Diving inCF6C1729 ‘Disgusting!’CF6C1737 Teasing MamaCF6C1744 CF6C1752 John’s masterpiece…he was very proud- rightfully so!CF6C1765 jack o'lantern

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