Sunday, October 27, 2013

Celebrating Baby Darby

Our sweet cousins, Ryves and Mary Chris, will welcome their sweet baby girl, Darby, into the world in world in mid-November. The ladies in the family celebrated at a shower at their neighbor’s house in early October. Helen Grace was super excited that she got to go as well! The excitement didn’t last terribly long once we got there though, and she disappeared into the hostess’ little girl’s room to play with her toys. :)

Mary Chris has been telling HG that she needed to come over and help Mary Chris “work” in Baby Darby’s nursery. After the shower was over, we were carrying gifts back over to MC and Ryves’ house since it was next door. HG was holding the door for me, and she said, “See. I told you I was going to work!”

We can’t wait to see Darby’s sweet face very soon!

Posing for a quick pic before we left. My mom has gotten these cute ghosts for our neighborhood’s big Halloween celebration. We go all out (obviously)!CF6C1654 CF6C1657 CF6C1679 CF6C1694 2013-10-13 13.12.18Loving on Bubba2013-10-13 16.01.37  And Mary Chris and Darby too!2013-10-13 16.07.05

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