Friday, August 9, 2013

Barbie Jeep Surprise

One night last week, I got a text from our friend, Gabe, with a pic of a Barbie Jeep that one of his friends was trying to sell for a steal of a price. I let out a squeal and then had to make up some kind of excuse for what happened when Helen Grace looked at me like I had lost my mind. I immediately texted back, "Done! And where do I pick it up?!" Helen Grace has always admired friends' jeeps, but I've tried to put off buying one for her as long as possible because of the big price tag. This was the perfect solution! So Gabe and Courtlyn delivered it Sunday afternoon, and while it wasn't the elephant that HG had decided her surprise would be, she was ECSTATIC about the real deal! Her mouth hit the ground, and then she went running out to the street to see it up close. Courtlyn showed her the ropes, and then she tried it for herself. She was a little surprised when it jerked to a start, but then the smile spread like lightning across her face- and she didn't slow down after that! She went off road a little bit and then crashed into the flowerbed, but she soon got the hang of it. We later figured out how to remove the governor and make it go FAST, and you should have heard the squeals, 'yeehaw's, and 'whoohooo's that came with that discovery!

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And the Barbie Jeep adventures continue. Now, she’s riding with baby dolls as the passengers for the ride down the street to pick up Sallie Key…who we caught in the bathtub right before bedtime. Nothing like a moonlight ride around the block with your friend and your baby dolls!

barbie w dolls barbie w SK

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