Saturday, July 27, 2013

Making the Car Seat Switch

For the last 6-8 months, Helen Grace has very interested in weighing herself often to see if she’s hit the 40 pound mark to switch from her car seat to the booster seat. It’s actually worked to our benefit because we could always get her to eat a few more bites at dinner with the encouragement that she would be that much closer to her big girl seat. I, personally, have been pretty sad about it since it’s such an obvious sign that she’s growing up at a rapid pace and won’t ever be that little again, and I’ve joked with her that I won’t let her grow up and want her to stay my baby.

At her fourth birthday, she was 38.5 pounds. So close! And what do you know…a few weeks afterward, she jumped on the scale and had hit 40 pounds! At first, she was happy, but when we started talking more about booster seats and going to pick one out for her, she hit the brakes. She wasn’t ready yet and said she wanted to stay my baby. I was in no rush to push it, but she finally came around to it this last week or two.

We (Spiffer and Grandma too) all did a lot of research, and we found a high backed booster with the LATCH system which makes it feel so much more secure. And I have to admit, the seat belt makes getting in and out of the car SO MUCH EASIER, and she loves to do it all herself.

Here’s my non-cooperative big girl on her booster seat’s maiden voyage in mommy’s car…


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