Sunday, July 7, 2013

Build-A-Bear Date with Courtlyn

For HG’s birthday, Aunt Rachel and Courtlyn gave her a Build-a-Bear gift card with the promise of a girls’ date to put it to good use. We had our outing on Wednesday, complete with BAB and then “shushi” at Stix, at HG’s request. We had so much fun catching up, and Rachel and I had several ‘awwww’ moments, watching the second generation of an almost 25-year friendship.

We had some time before our date, and HG asked to go try on dresses. I starting naming off places we could go to try on stuff for her (GapKids, etc.), when she stopped me and said, “No, for YOU!” She walked through the store, handpicking things for me to try on. In the dressing room, she wanted me to “stand still as a squirrel” so she could “fix me” and “make me spiffy.” Hilarious!

stylist Courtlyn chose a dog, which she named Baxter, and HG chose a cat, which she named Cutie.IMG_3973courtlyn2courtlyn3courtlyn

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