Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Orange Beach: Day 1

Since we had such a great experience with our beach trip to Orange Beach, AL, last year, we decided to do it all again the same way this summer at Turquoise Place. We went in early May again since it was cooler temps (pool water was TOO cold!) and less crowded, but unfortunately, John wasn’t able to make the trek (or the sand) with his new knee. He stayed home and rested, which I think helped him recover faster, but we all missed having him. Spiffer, Granddaddy, HG, and I drove down on Tuesday, and Grandma and Peggy joined us on Wednesday.

Helen Grace loved the beach again, and this year especially, she loved the indoor pool. We weren’t able to squeeze in swim lessons before our trip, but she had fun walking and splashing in the shallow end, hanging out on the shelf of the pool, and playing with her floats. The outside pool water was FREEZING, so we didn’t get to enjoy the lazy river this year. She napped one day with me on the couch, and the other two days, she laid on the chaise lounge on our balcony. It’s a tough life! She ate all kinds of seafood- shrimp, mahi mahi, etc., and was a great little traveler.

View of the canal from the 20th floorview Brrrr!CF6C8336 “I see it!!”CF6C8343 Doing the happy danceCF6C8349 There were TONS of shells this year.CF6C8357 CF6C8362 CF6C8369 CF6C8379 CF6C8380 CF6C8381 CF6C8405 Why is throwing sand so much fun??CF6C8413 we've arrived CF6C8420 We finally found Lulu’s this year, and we LOVED it. You don’t mind waiting for 45 mins when there’s a bar, a band, and a huge sand pile for HG to play in, complete with a water spigot, sand toys, and hula hoops. Spiffer and Mama were happy happy!lulus- tues1 lulus- tues4 While we were waiting on dinner to arrive, I thought we might have lost her. She started to wilt a bit.lulus- tues2 lulus- tues3 But then Granddaddy offered to take her back out to the sand while the rest of us finished. Funny how she perked right back up!P1030706

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