Friday, April 26, 2013

Maples’ Spring Program

Tuesday night was Helen Grace’s spring program at school. All of “her people” got there extra early so that we could have front row seats (since I learned my lesson at Christmastime with being way in the back, making it hard for her to find us). We gave her a big hug before the start, and she bounded off for her classroom to get ready. And a few minutes later, they all paraded onto the stage, and our bouncy little girl was gone, and a pouty, shy little girl was in her place. I have no idea what happened in those few minutes, but she was a totally different person, barely singing along and not smiling. I believe they told them not to wave during the performance, so maybe she took that too seriously?? Anywho, toward the end, she started to perk up a bit and caught on to the songs. When they started filing off the stage, she started waving and smiling- who knows?! We were so proud of her, none the less, and we loved seeing all of those sweet kiddos so proud of themselves!

Her buddy, Riley, was right next to her, so we got lots of cute pics with the two of them.

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