Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Alluvian Get Away

For what feels like years, my college roommates (the ‘hens’) have talked about going away for a night at the Alluvian Hotel in Greenwood, MS, owned by Viking. Well, aren’t you proud of us for FINALLY making it happen?! We met in Greenwood at lunch on Saturday, chowed down at the Crystal Grill, then strolled Howard Street and shopped a bit, headed to the spa for a massage and pedicure, and then rounded out the day with dinner at Giardina’s. Whitney and I stayed up late talking (Em and Reba conked out early on us), and then Sunday morning, we hit the brunch and then hit the road. While the Alluvian service didn’t live up to our previous experiences there, the girl time certainly did not disappoint! I’m thankful to have had a whole day to catch up on their lives- in person. What a treat!

Crystal Grillcrystal grill Waiting, waiting, waiting on our roomlobby Pedis!!!!pedicures Giardina’sgiardina's


Well, I have finally taken the plunge…into the Catholic church! Helen Grace has officially been accepted into St. Agnes for 4K in the fall (5 days a week, 8:15 am-2:45 pm, uniforms and everything- don’t get me started with first handing me a Kleenex). With HG attending a Catholic school and being baptized into the church as an infant, I felt compelled to understand their doctrine and be able to explain what she was learning at school. And it’s also important to me that all of us go to church together as a family. 

Father Carl Hood is a childhood friend of John’s, and his parents live down the street from Jeanne to this day. He married us in 2006 and serves as the priest at St Therese Little Flower in north Memphis, so I chose to do my RCIA classes there on Sunday mornings. So far (since Sept and until Easter in March), I’ve enjoyed learning about the Catholic church, although the deacon who teaches it might retire from exhaustion after being constantly peppered with my questions.

I recently attended my Rite of Election ceremony at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, which was presided over by Memphis Bishop Terry Steib. It was really special to have the bishop there leading the ceremony and in such a beautiful cathedral. One step closer to Easter!

Whoo hoo!!!!!!!!st agnesrite of election1 Peggy, Jeanne, Janice (another classmate), Bishop Steib, Janice’s sponsor, me, and Johnrite of election2

Catch Up

Gah, I’m so behind in my blogging!! Let me try to do a quick and dirty post with a lot of random pics and videos from our last week or so.

Either she really missed her mama or she was delirious from school, but she attached herself to my leg and made me drag her around as I fixed dinner as she cackled. I’ll take any loving I can get!clingy

We are gearing up for a long weekend trip to Los Angeles in the coming weeks to see John while he’s there on business. We might be crazy, but we thought this might be an easy introduction into the world of Disney since Disneyland is a bit smaller and less overwhelming than Disneyworld. In preparation for our trip, I bought HG some Minnie Mouse princess ears online, and she was obviously quite tickled when they arrived in the mail.

minnie1 minnie2 minnie3

Our little dancing ballerina

Why is she so fascinated with the sunroof??sunroof

Last Friday, we met the Eldreds and Coats for lunch at McAlister’s and then bounce time. I somehow talked her into letting me braid her hair, and she actually left the house with it in still. Yay! The kids had so much fun, but they didn’t stay still long enough for me to get a pic of all of them together.

braid“Cheese!”lawson1 “Ok, Lawson, that’s enough.”lawson2

Showing Bubba how to use an iPhone at dinnerbubba iphone A girl and her catgirl and her cat

First real drawing of people- “The left is a happy mommy, and the right is a grumpy mommy.” She was trying to make me ‘happy’ after she had a good meltdown. She was really, really proud of herself and excited to show me her work of art.first person drawing

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Helen Grace and I have been looking forward to today! Last weekend, Helen Grace experienced the Orpheum for the first time with her grandmamas to see “Mary Poppins” on stage while I was stuck in bed with the stomach bug. This weekend, she and I had plans with our MOT friends to go back to the Orpheum to see “Clifford.” I was so excited to get to watch Helen Grace soak it all in that I would have sat through Barney just to experience it! :) She behaved so well and really had fun, especially since she sweet-talked me into a light wand. Afterward, we chowed down a late lunch at Huey’s. Despite the kiddos not eating until well after 1:00, they really were angels. Can’t wait for many more theatre dates with my girl!

We didn’t realize there was a race downtown this morning, but HG thought it was really cool to watch the runner flash by.IMG_3627 This spot on the balcony is pretty special in our family… Same spot on our first date, October 2002first date[2] Intermission Abigail, Connor, HG, Tyler, Will, Callum, Camille, and Emsley (trying to run from the camera)IMG_3640 IMG_3651

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valen‘times’ Day

Helen Grace  really got into Valen‘times’ Day this year, or as she says, “I’m really getting used to this day!” I guess it’s a pretty easy holiday to get on board with, right?! She started off the day opening presents from us and Spiffer and feeding the kitties treats, and then it was time to go to Grandma’s and later school. They had so much fun at school with her class party that she couldn’t remember what or if she ate lunch. I suppose too much sugar will do that to you. She came home to Grandma’s to play outside in the beautiful weather and make Playdough people with Peggy. We capped off the day with a family dinner at where else but Newk’s and Gracie Bleu, complete with more presents and a rose from Daddy. You would have thought it was made out of chocolate as excited as she was- so cute! We had a great day celebrating with those we love!

IMG_3617IMG_1123 IMG_1125 IMG_1126 IMG_3618 “Take a picture of me, Mommy!” IMG_3623 IMG_3624 IMG_362520130214_191604

Happy ‘4’ to Callum!

Well, as much as we’d like to stop our little ones from growing up, the ‘4’ birthdays are now beginning- ahahahah! We celebrated Callum’s this Wednesday after church with a Batman party. Looking back on our *WILD* FTM/MOT birthday parties from years past, the upside to the kiddos getting older is that the kids can play pretty well on their own and we mommies are able to enjoy some fun visit time!

IMG_3575 IMG_3592 IMG_3599 IMG_3605 

I wish I had taken one of Callum and HG at his first birthday party, but here’s one of HG at his party in Feb 2010 (look at that bald head!) and then one of C with his parents. scooter2CIMG4139 Feb 2011CIMG7508 Feb 2012newks- knocked out

Happy birthday, Callum! Here’s to many more years of friendship!

A Whole New Level of Jumpy

Friday night, right before the stomach bug hit, John and I took Helen Grace to SkyZone, an indoor trampoline park. We have heard a lot about it and have been wanting to check it out. We had never seen the likes of this place. You pay for a period of jump time (30 mins was enough for us), and then you can have free reign of the building. They have one HUGE area of trampolines for free jump, dodgeball courts, basketball dunk lanes, a big foam pit, and a smaller area for little ones. We spent the majority of the time in the big area, and HG jumped, did toe touches and forward rolls, and then chased us around like a wild lady. We then decided to explore a bit and found the toddler area. Once she found a little boy to chase, Mama and Daddy could sit down and rest a bit. We all really enjoyed it and will be back soon, I’m sure!

IMG_3560 IMG_3562 IMG_3566