Saturday, June 30, 2012

Movie Re-Do

On Wednesday, we had a movie theatre re-do. We met Amy and Emsley Blackman and the Coats girls at the movies to see Madagascar 3. For the record, I did my research beforehand this time and made sure there were no bear attacks! Helen Grace was really excited about it (even though she had no clue what the movie was about), and she really stayed interested for pretty much the whole movie. She would alternate between sitting in my lap or standing up a few seats down from us, and when she looked up and saw the beam of light coming from the projector, she was so intrigued. I expected her to be asleep by the end of the movie, but she hung in there like a champ. The girls played a bit in the arcade afterward, and then we headed home for naptime.

Later that night (around 7 p.m. when the temp finally dropped out of the 100s), we went on a walk around the lake, and she hopped over duck poo the whole way. Needless to say, I had to carry her the second half of the loop because she wore herself out at the beginning! She then wanted to have her dinner out on the table of the swingset, and between games of pretend and a few swings, we had a really nice night.

poo jumping swing

Sleeping Beauty

Friday night, Spiffer, Helen Grace, and I had a girls’ night date to go see Sleeping Beauty at the Germantown Community Theatre, and we had the best time! We met Mary, Lilly, and their neighbors for dinner at Mellow Mushroom, and it was great for both mamas and baby girls to catch up. The theatre was really small, and we were on the second row. The production was put on by kids, and it was really cute and well done- lots of cute songs and dances. HG sat on my lap and was enthralled the entire time (about 45 mins). She was so excited that at one point, she  threw Lovey into Spiffer’s lap so that she could have her hands free to clap like a mad woman. I think that John will soon be able to give up his ticket with me to musicals and let Baby Girl take his place- which you know he is thrilled about!

IMG_2104 IMG_2110 IMG_2114

Third Time’s the Charm

On our third trip to dance class (and after I let her have complete control of her wardrobe), she pranced into the room with all smiles- no tears or shyness. WHEW! She minded her teacher throughout tap and ballet and did a great job of mimicking her through the dance steps. She minded pretty well in gymnastics too, but she still has no interest in putting her hands on the shoulders of the person in front of her as they ‘train’ to the next piece of equipment or putting her hand in together as they all say, “1, 2, 3, sprinkles!” We’re making progress though!

dance class #3dance class #3- group

Saturday, June 23, 2012

First Movie

Helen Grace had her first movie theatre experience today, thanks to her friend, Mariella, having her 4th birthday party at the movies! While I’m not sure that HG understood what that really meant, HG was pretty excited. We went to see Brave, the new Pixar movie about a Scottish princess, and of course, she’s a sucker for anything princess related. We ate pizza and played video games in the arcade first, and HG and Mariella were chomping at the bit to get to the theatre. When it was finally show time, she went with me to buy my ticket (which was the *coolest* thing), and then the kids stood in line to get a drink (in a Nemo cup- another BIG hit) and popcorn. We filed into the theatre, and HG held my hand and the tickets and was so excited that she kept telling me, “Love you, Mommy!”

She loved watching all the previews, although the movie was in 3D, and since she couldn’t keep the glasses on her head, she soon tossed them. By the time the movie got going, she settled into my lap and was ready. A few minutes into Brave, there is a scary bear attack, and the child covered her face and curled up into a ball total freak out. It was a short scene, and she calmed down a bit but never fully recovered. She gave it about 20 more minutes and then asked to leave.

Since the cake and ice cream were planned after the movie (and you know the girl loves her cake and ice cream), the two of us had a little yogurt date before heading home. I think we might try to go back to see the rest of it another time but just show up a few minutes late as to avoid the big scary bear. We had a fun time though! Seems like we’re crossing off so many ‘firsts’ off her list lately…makes me a little sad, but it’s such an exciting time.

IMG_2083 IMG_2085 IMG_2090 IMG_2098yolo

Friday, June 22, 2012

Dance Class: Take Two

Well, dance class this week was a different story than last week. She and Ann Maxwell reversed their roles back to the typical ones- AM full of energy and scared of nothing and HG shy and cautious.

Helen Grace’s fit started as we tried to get out the door of the house. She wanted to wear a blue leotard, and I wanted her to wear a pink one. I put her in the car, kicking and screaming, in her diaper so that we could at least be there on time. When we got there, she declared she wasn’t going inside. After she saw Ann Maxwell arrive in a hot pink outfit, she finally decided to be a big girl and get dressed and go in. She wouldn’t get out of my arms though, so I had to go sit in the classroom with her. They did tap first, and she eventually put her feet on the floor (as she stood between my legs) and start tapping her toes. She finally loosened up as ballet started, and I was able to slip out the door. By the time the Chicken Dance song came on, she was warmed up and raring to go! (See the hilarious video below.)

We had to have some pep talks during gymnastics because she told her teacher several times that she didn’t want to try skills they were working on (forward roll, etc.). We talked a lot about how the teacher is the boss and that she has to try new things. After she actually gave it a try and walked on the big balance beam, she was glowing and realized it wasn’t ‘scary’ anymore. The bars were not quite as successful, but at least she gave it a try. I think we will have to continue reinforcing this over the coming week, but hopefully, by the end of the semester she’ll be more apt to try new things. That’s the goal!

photo 1 photo 1-st photo 2-stphoto 4

Thursday, June 21, 2012


On Wednesday, our sweet friend, Christy (cmag), treated Helen Grace to a delayed birthday present- Build-A-Bear! She was so excited and in awe when we walked into the store, but she got shy when Christy and her sister got there. She eventually picked out a brown puppy dog, which she named Aurora Sleeping Beauty, chose a bark noise maker to go inside, made me push the pedal to stuff it (while she watched from behind my leg), and then picked out a princess dress for her to wear. She was a pretty proud (and not as shy) owner by the end of the process. We celebrated over some pizza with the girls. What a treat!

Patting the heart to give it a beatheartphoto Ta da!group Lunch with Christycmag Aurora Sleeping Beautyaurora w hgSometimes the box is more fun than the toybox All dressed updress

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Landscape Painting

Helen Grace and I were sitting at the kitchen table recently, and I was watching her draw. As I listened to her babble, I realized that she was describing what she was drawing- a blue sky, green grass, a yellow sun with rays, a purple flower….what?! When did she start drawing landscapes?! She’s growing up literally in front of my eyes.


A Moment in Time

Back in May, I heard that Clay Rice was coming to Little Feet in Southaven, and he was taking appointments for children’s silhouettes. I immediately signed Helen Grace up for an appointment- what a perfect Mother’s Day gift for Helen Grace’s grandmothers! (And one for me too, of course. I’ve always dreamed of having one of these.) Unfortunately, he was only there on a Thursday, a work day for me, so it wasn’t much of a surprise for Grandma since she was the one that had to take her. But she and Peggy were so impressed by him and his work and also his children’s story book, and they are STILL talking about it. I was able to surprise Spiffer with her frame though, and she immediately hung it in her house. I am so thankful to have this moment in time captured of my little precious one.


Father’s Day: Part 2

Would it be Father’s Day without a game of soccer?! Of course not! Helen Grace LOVES going to John’s games, and as soon as the whistle blows for halftime, she’s out on the field…and it’s a fight to get her off when the second half starts!

Running circles around Daddysoccer Is she really mine? Loves getting dirtysoccer- dirt Running away from Mamasoccer- running

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father’s Day 2012

The fathers in our life requested a laid back, no fuss celebration for Father's Day, and we gladly obliged. We hit up one of our favorite brunch spots, Big League, with all the fam. We are so thankful for Daddy/John and Granddaddy/Deedy and can’t imagine what we’d do without them. They bring so much love, fun, care, and sweet memories to our lives. Happy Father’s Day!

P.S. If you notice Helen Grace’s cheeks looking a little flushed, it’s because she’s wearing blush (and some eye liner on her brows). She spent the night with Grandma and Peggy’s last night, and they were so lucky to have a little make up assistant this morning…

twinkies editedP1020686 P1020687 tower IMG_2076 Sept 2010 / June 2012big league compIMG_2082


She came home and threw a big ole fit. Grumpy Gus collapsed on the living room couch (which she has *never* done before), insisted I sit next to her, and was soon snoring.naptime PASSED OUTnaptime cont

And another nod to fathers, HG enjoyed a ride around the neighborhood in Granddaddy’s ‘vertible’ with G & S on Friday.2012-06-15 18.41.24

Saturday, June 16, 2012

First Dance Class

On Wednesday night, HG must have woken up no less than four times- “I wanna sleep with Mommy!” We put her back in bed each time with reminders that Friday was the Mommy slumber party night and that we had to go to work on Thursday. Zzzzz. Well, on Thursday morning, she was a bear to get up, fell asleep in the car on the way to Grandma’s, and dozed in her recliner until she took herself to Grandma’s bed where she slept almost all morning until lunchtime. I was a nervous wreck at work, and when Grandma called early afternoon to say that she was awake and eating lunch but complaining that her ear was “ow-y,” I packed up my stuff and headed to meet them at the pediatrician’s office. The diagnosis:  Two ear infections (right was really bad, left was almost as bad), red throat, mild fever. Poor baby! She fell asleep on the way home, and we moved to her to the couch. She slept there until I woke her up around 8:30 for medicine and milk, and she went back to sleep and slept all night til 6:30 a.m. I was again a nervous wreck because Friday brought her FIRST DANCE CLASS. I didn’t want her to miss out on the fun with Ann Maxwell.

Well, the child got her daddy’s stamina and rallied Friday morning. She initially fussed she didn’t want to go to ballet class, but a few hours later, she was dressed in her tutu and demanding to leave the house to go to class right then…45 mins early. So we took the reallllly long way there, and she was giddy when we arrived. Ballet was first, then tap, and finally gymnastics.

HG was excited to go into the dance room but wanted me to go with her at first. There was just one little girl there with us when we got started, and we introduced ourselves and sang the little welcome song. Then the music started and HG got moving, and I was able to slip out the door. One more little girl and also Ann Maxwell soon arrived. Totally out of character, AM was very shy, and it took some coaxing to get her into the classroom. Once she warmed up though, man, she was on fire! It was so cute to see these two little twinkies having a blast!

Ready to start!getting ready After tap and on their way to gymnasticstwinks IMG_2039 IMG_2045 IMG_2052 IMG_2053 IMG_2055 Loooves her ballet shoes stamps (she had a hissy fit when they all but washed off in the shower last night…remind me to find some ballet stamps next time I’m at Hobby Lobby)IMG_2065Showing us some of their new movesIMG_2067 IMG_2068 

I took this video through the door, and you can hear Ann Maxwell and Emmaline throughout some of it. I sent AM into the room with my camera, and when she saw the tapping, she decided she wanted to jump in. Emmaline was soooo jealous and wanted to dance sooo bad. HG says her favorite part was tap, which is no surprise. :)

Afterward, we met the Eldreds and Carters for lunch at Newks, where the kids outnumbered the grownups. What were we thinking?!?! It probably wasn’t fun for the people sitting around us, but we laughed and shook our heads at our motley crew and really enjoyed it. What a fun day!!

L to R:  Emmaline, Emily, Melissa, Lawson, Samuel, Ashley, Wynn, AM, HGlunch2lunch- girls Wynn, Samuel, Lawson, Ann Maxwell, Emmaline, Helen GraceIMG_2071 IMG_2073