Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 In Review

We have had a whirlwind year filled with beautiful memories.

January: John and I cheered on the Rebels at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas with friends…our first time to leave Helen Grace overnight (7 months old). HG saw her first glimpse of snow!

February:  Helen Grace started crawling. She had her first opportunity to really play/lay in the snow.

March:  HG’s first word is Da-Da, and she got her first prescription for antibiotics to treat double ear infections.

April:  We celebrated John’s birthday over a great family dinner outside at Old Venice. Helen Grace loved her Easter basket, but she didn’t really understand the egg hunt part of the holiday.

May:  We celebrated my first official Mother’s Day over brunch at the Hunt Phelan Home. We took HG on her first airplane ride to go to Aunt Edit and Uncle Gene’s retirement weekend in upstate New York. Helen Grace turned one and started walking!

June:  We celebrated Father’s Day at Mesquite Chop House, and HG and I took a road trip to Philadelphia, MS, to see Auntie Em.

July:  Helen Grace was in her first parade (she rode in High Point Terrace’s 4th of July parade in honor of Caroline Yates’ birthday), and we spent a lot of time at the pool.

August:  We had a neighborhood gang reunion weekend with Larry and his family in town from Texas and Michele in from Nashville. Lots of food and sun!

September:  I turned the big 3-0 and celebrated with friends and family while watching the Rebels play (on tv).

October:  John and I took a trip to Yosemite in California, where they got as much rain in a few days than they normally get in the whole month. Helen Grace was the cutest little monkey for Halloween (and she was an Ole Miss cheerleader the Saturday night before Halloween). LOVED handing out candy!

November:  HG and I hit the road again- this time to Jackson to see the Thomas and Wren girls and our family. We had a great girls’ weekend! We celebrated Thanksgiving at Bubba’s with ALL of the Moore family (and Toohigs, of course).

December:  Helen Grace was not such a fan of Santa this year. Mama had to get in the picture as well. She experienced the circus, the Enchanted Forest, and the Children’s Museum for the first time. CB and Emily got engaged, and ALL three of us will be in the wedding. Can’t wait to see Helen Grace as flower girl!

And I’ll close the year with some random pics that I found on my phone…

Holding hands with Bubbaholding hands w bubba The girl loves a good book.reading Her new favorite thing to do…sit/roll around/jump on our bed.sitting on the bed

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


How did I forget to share this cutie patootie pic with you?! We were baking chocolate chip muffins on Christmas Eve morning, and she was a very big help with mixing the batter. Even though I’m not terribly domestic, I hope we are making fun kitchen memories for her!cheese!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

I’m not sure what is more fun…experiencing Christmas morning and the joy of Santa as a child or as a parent. It was a-maz-ing to watch Helen Grace soak in all her goodies. Being a parent is just such a rewarding experience. As a child, Santa left me a trail of Hershey’s Kisses to find the tree and gifts, so he’s continued that tradition at our house. Helen Grace was really curious about the Kisses, and as we walked down the stairs, she would pick one up and chunk it down the stairs! At the bottom, she found an easel, tricycle, building blocks, and a little playhouse. She went straight to the easel- magnets, of course- but she really played with all of them a lot.

Granddaddy and Spif came over soon after to watch her play with Santa’s gifts and open their presents. When I was little, I had a wooden stool with my name carved into puzzle pieces in the top of it. Since I loved mine so much, my parents had one made for Helen Grace. She thought the interlocking letters were so neat and loved sitting on it too. Granddaddy and Spif also recorded her a Frosty the Snowman book, and that was a big hit!

After my parents left, we had a very laidback morning in our pjs, enjoying time together and letting HG play with her toys. Helen Grace and I watched the Disney Christmas Day Parade (she waved like crazy at Mickey and Minnie) and the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. As she sat snuggled next to me on the couch, we watched Jim James sing 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,' and for some reason, I was overcome with emotion and the tears flowed. I have so much to be thankful for. I can’t imagine my heart being any more full of love.

When Helen Grace woke up from a nice, long afternoon nap, we headed to Jeanne’s for Christmas dinner with Bubba, Granddaddy, and Spif. HG was surrounded by all of ‘her people.’ She went from lap to lap and back and forth from the dining room to the TV to watch the Wonder Pets while the rest of us stuffed ourselves until we were miserably full.

After dinner, John passed out on a couch in the den, but a few minutes later, he was awakened by Helen Grace tugging on his hand. My dad saw her do this and tried to save him by offering to take her on the walk that they thought she was trying to take, but she insisted that she wanted her daddy. So John got up, ready for the walk, and what does Helen Grace do but climb up on the couch where he had been sleeping! Little rascal!

And on another exciting note, on Christmas Eve, ‘Uncle CB’ proposed to his girlfriend, Emily. We are excited to welcome her into the family!

Helen Grace’s walk down the stairs on Christmas morning…a bit long video but necessary for grandparents.

CIMG7155 CIMG7158 CIMG7159 CIMG7162 Maybe her legs are just a liiitle too short.CIMG7164 CIMG7166 CIMG7168 I think she likes it.CIMG7169

Playing with her new stool

Bubbles are cooler than sliced bread. This was taken before we spilled the whole bottle on the kitchen floor…thank goodness for tile floor.CIMG7175 After dinner ice cream at Grandma’sCIMG7177 CIMG7178 CIMG7180 She gave us a little concert.CIMG7182We must have bored her as we opened presents at Jeanne’s. She wanted to sit next to me on the couch and watch Barney.SAM_1172

Playing with Grandma on the slide…and throwing herself off the top into Grandma’s arms!

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve surrounded by family. We started at Bubba’s with Spif, Granddaddy, and the boy cousins. Helen Grace is still scared to death of William and Ryves. It’s almost comical to watch her jump into my arms when they come toward her. We spent most of the afternoon surrounding Bubba’s dining room table and grazing the spread, while Helen Grace danced to Barney in the sun room (very typical). She got her first shot at tearing into Christmas presents, and she didn’t disappoint although she was a little timid at first. 

Then we went to mass at Christ the King. To be honest, I’ve been very hesitant to take Helen Grace because I didn’t want to be that family with a loud child, and I thought we’d be walking with her outside the whole time. Well, despite waiting about 45 minutes for mass to finally start, she really behaved well. She loved the music and would clap after every song, and she was very entertained by the Christmas pageant that the kids put on. When the angel opened her arms to proclaim the news of Jesus’ birth, Helen Grace, who was standing in my lap, opened her arms wide as well! About an hour and a half into it, she got a little fussy, and we decided to call it. We headed to Grandma and Peggy’s for our Christmas Eve tradition of opening presents in front of the fire. Helen Grace spent the night dancing on her Christmas quilt and putting magnets on her new easel. We might have a little artist on our hands!

At bedtime, Helen Grace and I listened to a recorded book of The Night Before Christmas by Bubba. It brings tears to my eyes to hear Bubba’s sweet Southern drawl telling that story, and it was quite the experience to have my baby girl sitting in my lap listening as well. Helen Grace sat at full attention and at the end of the first page, she clapped with excitement. At the end of the book, Bubba reads, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.” Then she adds, “Merry Christmas to you, Helen Grace, from Bubba,” and Helen Grace said, “Bubba!” We will treasure that book for years to come.

CIMG7101 CIMG7102CIMG7107 CIMG7108 CIMG7113 SAM_1141 Hugs for BubbaSAM_1147 “Show me your tongue!”SAM_1156 Now to Grandma and Peggy’s house…CIMG7114 CIMG7119 CIMG7123 CIMG7124 Grandma and Peggy gave Helen Grace a Christmas quilt with cross-stitched squares, made by a friend at church. HG loved it and rolled and danced all over it.CIMG7126 Playing with DaddyCIMG7129 CIMG7130 This is basically how she spent the entire night…loves the magnets.CIMG7136 CIMG7138 Sweet kissesCIMG7139 CIMG7141 CIMG7145 CIMG7152

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Children’s Museum

Since John and I were both off of work today, I thought it would be fun to try out the Children’s Museum where John and Helen Grace could run wild together. It did not disappoint. Helen Grace lit up when we walked in, and she soon grabbed her daddy’s hand and headed toward the airplane. We spent the afternoon chasing her and laughing at her giggles and surprise as she explored. We look forward to many more fun family trips to the Children’s Museum!

CIMG7060 Captain Helen GraceCIMG7062She wasn’t a big fan of the wind tunnel.CIMG7066 LOVED the waterCIMG7068 And of course, the grocery store. I’m surprised she didn’t try to get in the basket like she does at the real store, but she had a blast pushing it around and filling it with all kinds of food.CIMG7071 CIMG7073 CIMG7075 CIMG7076 Hopefully, the only time we will see her in a cop car…CIMG7081 CIMG7083 Her first big girl slide and all by herself! I thought it would scare her, but she was laughing when she hit the bottom. Her daddy was right behind her…too bad I wasn’t quick enough to catch a pic of him too. :)CIMG7088